Dr. York Has Helped Me Become A Better Man

I was 19 years old leaving the Port Authority with my friends in downtown Manhattan NY. I saw a man dressed in white garbs with books and pamphlets on his table. His presence grabbed my attention quickly. I was studying Islaam at that time and the books he had were right up my alley, they were old Ansaaruallah Community books. I bought one blue covered Revelation book, took it home, and when I read the first sentence I heard Dr. York’s voice as if he was reading it to me. I never heard his voice before.

I showed my mother and let her know I have the truth here, you really need to hear. LOL! I just had to go back the next day and get more! To my surprise he was nowhere in sight when I got there. I was in awe. After work one day that following week I went to Mt. Vernon NY to get records and pizza. LO AND BEHOLD!… I saw a store with a sign ” All Eyes On Egipt Bookstore”. IT WAS ON!!! I walked inside and was there almost every day after work until I moved south two years later. It’s like he’s known me all my life and waited for me to grab his hand he already was extending out.

Studying the information and outformation Dr. York has given us has helped me become a better man and has saved my life in numerous ways. If I hadn’t saw the brother in white that day, those two years I was destined to be at the bookstore would’ve been two years of dangerous street life and a nightmare for my parents. So in actuality, he has saved my parents from grief and saved me from death.

Just by Dr. York showing me the facts on all things, I am able to move in this life more calm than one that doesn’t know these facts. He is a perfect representation of how a man should be. He has given more than we could ever want. He has shown me patients the way I’ve never seen before in my life. I can now give my children, what my parents gave me to the best of their ability, much more, to complete our story to help them become greater than me, because of the works and teachings of Dr. York.

His works of building three communities, uniting his people with our own language, own dress, own dance, own products, own land to think with our own minds in a sound, right, reasonable environment shows what’s happening to him is a set up and flat out unjust.

Our attorney, Ms. Victoria E. Broussard, is doing an incredible job helping us help her fight for his release. Since Dr. York appointed her as his attorney she has helped us build a campaign for his freedom, set up a petition on change.org, has been on radio stations discussing clemency for inmates and Dr. York’s freedom and much more. We’ve all sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice and push forward to free Dr. York just as he has freed us.