What Dr. York Has Done For Me

What Dr. York has done for me

Dr. York

First, there are many things Dr. York (Pops) has done for me. One of them is to have the capacity to sit here and write this letter.

The reality for me is, if it were not for Pops, my life span on this earth more than likely would have been cut short a very long time ago. That is an actual fact.

If it were not for Pops I would not know anything on what it means to be selfless. Ever since I have been introduced to Pops my entire life has centered around the concept of being selfless.

I no longer get upset at issues I deem trivial. For example, the inner cities are filled with people that look like me, that walk around having different attitudes about life and what life does and does not mean to them. Some do not respect not only their own lives but also do not respect the lives of others.

There are multiple reasons why there mentalities are this way. I do not have the space in this blog to address those issues, but if it were not for pops informing me about who and what I am, I too would consider life and the meaning of life as basic as a loaf of bread.

Pops has brought light to a very dark place for a black man like me growing up in the inner city. Dr. York inspired me to want to not only go to college, but to be successful when I got there. Pops not only inspired me to be a good role model for kids but to also be an outstanding father to my daughter.

Dr. York inspired me to be a model citizen for society. Pops taught me to never give up whenever I have doubts about obstacles in life. It is the life journey pops has helped me to get through. I am who I am today all and only because of Pops.

Niuser SerekhTowy

Yamasu Lodge #3