Dr. York’s Books Woke Me Up

Greetings All,

I am from Toledo Ohio. Throughout my childhood into young adulthood, I was raised in Christianity. I would spend hours with my dictionary and Bible trying to define particular words and passages within the Bible. One day I came across the tribe of Judah, then I thought to myself “I wonder if I’m part of this tribe?”

While driving to school I would burst into tears everyday. I wanted to know who to pray to and who to thank for my blessings. Something deep within my soul was telling me, “it’s coming, your answers are coming”. After getting out of an abusive relationship, I met a Nuwaupian Man.

At first sight I did not know he was a Nuwaupian. That was when I first heard the name Dr. Malachi Z. York. I was then given a book by Dr. Malachi York. It was the red Leviathan 666 book. After reading I didn’t sleep all night. It was like a high burst of energy. I never felt like that before. I literally did not sleep out of excitement.

After reading Dr. Malachi York’s books I felt as though I was his biggest fan and I wanted to meet him. All my questions that religion could not answer were answered within Dr. York’s books. That’s when I was told that Dr. Malachi York was incarcerated on bogus charges in 2002. I never met him, although I feel as though I have. Dr. Malachi York, through his teachings, taught me what love, togetherness, family, honesty, and integrity is. He also has taught me how to be a better person overall.

How could a wonderful person such as Dr. Malachi York be treated so badly? That question moved me to do some research about the case. I then discovered numerous videos of recanted statements of his accusers. The horrific torture that Dr. Malachi York has to deal with daily, weekly, and monthly must stop. This is an ill and elderly innocent man.

With the love and support from Ms. Victoria Broussard, legal team, family, and friends, we are making this overkill of injustice public news! We are asking that President Barack Obama please pardon Dr. Malachi York. He is innocent and the unconscionable lies being perpetrated against him will not stand.

Sign the petition to Free Dr. York!!!