Dr. York, The Best of Examples

Dr. York

Words fail in comparison to the Paramount and lasting effect that he has had on my very existence. How do you summarize being freed from a mind state that is other than your own?  To be able to look at yourself and kind and feel a sense of compassion and love like never before. Having an understanding of the very fabric of nature, space, time and the very meaning of life. The eradication of the very fair of what’s to come after death. The comprehension of sciences that take most a lifetime to acquire or several years of institutionalized learning.

To be a better father, husband and moreover a better person. The elimination of the post traumatic slave disorder passed on for generations that plagues the minds of so many of African descent. Being able to hold your head high, not just as a person or a man but to know the truth of your very existence and reason for being. To experience love in its purest form.

Dr. York The Best Example

Dr. York being an example of what a man is supposed to be and how a good man carries himself, true and just. Selfless,  dedicated,  diligent, willing to sacrifice. To experience world over cultures, religious schools of thought that has taken most a lifetime of dedication to one mind frame just to grasp  a mere understanding, much less a mastery of the aforementioned. To be placed at your mental Apex and giving a sense of clarity on teachings that we were taught we could never understand, or that was still nebulous to the very professors, educators, religious scholars and clergy.

Having a sense of civility and self-worth. Working diligently for a common cause and to provide a better tomorrow for our children. Raising young men and women  that will love  their image and culture and be more than just another product of society.
My very survival in these  tumultuous times, can be attributed to the teachings that have been bestowed upon me. Being a person that is proactive vs reactive. This is but a  miniscule attempt to summarize the un_quantifiable lasting and profound effect that Dr. York has been and continues to be in my life.

M. Aldridge.