Dr. York Always Gives His Best

Dr. York is an author, linguist and teacher. Dr. York has been exceptional in what he does for over 40 years, from 1970 to the present. Dr. York has been instrumental in mending the divide that affects people worldwide. Dr. York has not only taught us of our lost legacy but has also been a helping hand to humanity. Dr. York has been an aide through his music, music productions, books and lectures he has produced throughout the years. Dr. York is a symbol of care and dedication. Dr. York has maintained a message of unity and self-sufficiency, bettering ourselves for the whole. Dr. York’s teachings has been a life saver, Dr. York is a powerful orator and author who has produced numerous audio lectures and 1,200 plus books written from 1967 to present. Dr. York is a great organizer as he has proven with the communities he has helped to build for over 40 yrs.

Dr. York is being falsely detained, tortured and denied proper medical attention. Dr. York was kidnapped on May 8th 2002 on false allegations of child molestation, which he has never found guilty or convicted of. Dr. York helped to build a peaceful community in Eatonton, Ga., Putnam County. Elected officials and residents fought against Dr. York and the Nuwaupians from the start. Dr. York and the Nuwaupians complied with all rules and regulations of the county. Sheriff Howard Richard Sills and other officials lied numerous times falsely claiming violation of zoning codes. The whole conspiracy against Dr. York is now coming to light. There have been recanted statements, no DNA evidence yet 15 years later Dr. York remains falsely incarcerated. The fact of the matter is Dr. York was contributing to the growth of Putnam County when racist officials and residents attacked Dr. York and the Nuwaupian community.

Dr. York is a philanthropist among his other titles and has been a beacon of healing. Dr. York always gives his best for humanity to be its best. I have been a student for over 20 years due in large part to the teachings; I am a lawful and productive part of society as we were taught to obey the laws of the land. Dr. York is being imprisoned because those that wanted to misuse him and could not hate him. You had KKK residents, Sheriff Sills and other Putnam county officials who wanted Dr. York and the Nuwaupians out of Eatonton,Ga. Dr. York deserves clemency because he is totally innocent. Dr. York is 1000% innocent.


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