Dr. Malachi Z York’s Teachings Changed My LIfe

When I was a young lad, before Dr. Malachi Z York’s teachings, I was in constant doubt about the world that I found myself in being born the year 1980. All of the major conflicts in the world, because of religion, made me very scared as to where the world would end up. On the television you had the news and documentaries. In school you learned about World War I and World War II. The way it was numbered had me as well as others anticipating a World War III by default.
We learned about Adolf Hitler, him not liking Jews and killing them. You learned about Jews not liking Muslims and killing them and Muslims not liking Jews and killing them in the so called “Middle East”. You learned about the Christians going on Crusades in earlier times, going on “witch hunts”. We learned about Christians taking over other peoples lands because they see those other people as uncivilized, uncultured, and downright less than human…feeling justified in doing so because of it.
I began to want to learn other religions, ideologies, philosophies, as I begin to feel the world was doomed. Myself being born in the United States of America as a Christian or from that background begin to ask questions about the concepts that just didn’t make logical sense to me. I begin to think “How can there be ALL these different religions or opinions?”
All of these different takes about the same event called the creation of human beings, their purpose, and their destiny. Either we are all wrong…One of us is right…Or maybe there is truth in every ones idea. The only way is to investigate, lets put it all together. As a kid I remember praying to who I called God at the time, and had a talk saying one day I”m going to straighten out all this stuff because I know people don’t know for sure whats right.
I as a kid envisioned myself being an Ambassador for World Peace who would be going from country to country, religion to religion, region to region getting everyone on the same page so that one day at a certain time on a certain day all Human Beings would pray or meditate, or chant (whatever their thing was) to the God(s) of their understanding and then that will just heal the world.
These are the things I used to think maybe naive but hey that was the intent. I started learning about religions from Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Voodoo, Santeria, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, The Idea of an Esoteric side of Martial Arts (I wanted to know if you can really float, and disappear), Telekinesis, Tarot, Druidism, etc. I really wanted to know the truth and put it all together.
One day at 14 years old I was running errands for my father one of my stops was to buy a pack of incense on my way back home. I came to a vendor stand and overheard a conversation this guy was having and my ears just stood up and I said wait what? I was so excited the guy just said “I’ll tell you what take this book read it, and then come back to me”. This book that this guy gave me was entitled “Is Valentine’s Day a Christian Holiday?” by Dr. Malachi Z York.
I read book after book after book by Dr. Malachi Z York. I asked question after question and got answers after answers, and through the process and research I realized that this man Dr. Malachi Z. York to my surprise was revealing a logical, and evident link between all of the religions, their opinions, their fallacies, their origins, and how science is also a very important part of the comprehending some of their origins. I begin that Dr. Malachi Z. York is doing exactly what I wanted to do but way beyond. I was relieved, and filled with happiness to know that someone has already devoted their life towards this work of setting the record straight. All I had to do was help or join the movement.
The key is learning the misunderstandings of the world’s religions.  If everyone knew how their religion is somehow interwoven with one another then there will be less conflict (in time).
What Dr. Malachi Z. York has done for me is help me see that it is possible to teach people facts and still not have to be a fanatic. His wisdom has shown me that it is not as easy as just being a neutral, open-minded, free-spirited critical thinker. People who are religious will not accept reasoning from others not sympathetic to their religious way of thinking without resistance.
You have to get down to the core of the religious belief on the inside and effect the change of that person’s mind from a bias religious closed-mind to a universal sound mind.  This takes time, patience, skill, study and in my opinion Care. In order to do it right you have to have the Right Knowledge for one, but you have to genuinely Care about changing peoples states.
Dr. Malachi Z York has given me the ability to see clearly…to simultaneously learn and teach people facts in order to raise our consciousness. Dr. Malachi Z York has helped me to be responsible for information that I put in my head to never pass off anything as far fetched and to not blindly accept anything without it passing one or more of 3 tests; Reasoning, Evidence and Experience.
The miracle or magic is in the actual writings or teachings of Dr. Malachi Z York. He taught me that there is a difference between what I accept than what I am.  There is no good and bad; there is you. The world doesn’t need to change you do. He taught me in this world you have the righteous and the unrighteous, and it’s the righteous that do the dividing. Dr. York taught me not to be surprised at what people do they are just that people. He taught me to stop trying to be a good person (for show), just teach the facts and let people be good on their own.
Dr. Malachi Z York has helped me to realize when human beings discovered that the hydrogen atom (the first atom) can be split. The first thing that we did was create a weapon of mass-destruction. It became evident that human beings were on a destructive path to kill ourselves and other life forms as we know it and other life forms on this planet unbeknownst to us.
It became necessary for us to get right knowledge and raise our consciousness and awareness. How can it be that the smartest human beings used the discovery of the first atom being split to find subatomic particles to destroy other human beings? We are all born out of a vagina, and yet we feel we are better than others because of religion. This is evident that someone had to spend time getting to the root of the problem which is religious ignorance and racial blindness in order to destroy the actual mindstate that breeds the superiority and self arrogating aspect of the ego which makes one feel they have the right to kill or destroy others.
This is a very tedious  job but it is working by way of Dr. Malachi Z York’s teachings. This is what Dr. Malachi Z York has done for me and others. This is what Dr. Malachi Z York is still doing for me, others, and why it must not stop. I know the whole world will be able to see clear. His is capable of solving the world’s problems, but is interested in each and every one of us.  Dr. Malachi Z York has the formula proven by the works he puts forth themselves. The medicine works. Let the Doctor Operate. The world needs to change by way of these teachings.  Dr. Malachi Z York needs to be exonerated, pardoned, and released from prison immediately.
Thank You,
Bro. Michael Adams
Yamassu Lodge #2