Dr Malachi Z.York

Dr Malachi Z.York
Has made an big impact on my life through his positive teachings he taught me how to be a better person, learn to stand on my own two feet not depending on others for handouts.
Once upon a time my life was spiraling out of control with the use of drugs antisocial behavior and hatred towards the world. I was a very bitter individual and  until I came across Dr Malachi Z York’s teachings in 1993 since then my life became better so much better that I now run my own business, which is aim at helping the elderly with their daily chores something I would have never in a million years dreamed of doing my aim is to continue to help those who can not help themselves.
My desire is to one day meet Dr Malachi York in person and thank him. He is truly a wonderful and loving being if that was not so I know I would not be here right now telling my story.
Peace And Blessings