Dr. Malachi Z Kobina York Teaches Love, Shows Love and IS Love

Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn also known as Dr. Malachi Z Kobina York, this supreme being incarnated into flesh, is the individual who had and still has a massive impact on my life. I would not be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for the influence, teaching, the knowledge and/or wisdom that has been bestowed upon our race (Negroid) as people and as a collective of all individuals as the human race based on facts.

The Master Teacher is truth, and teaches all things metaphysical, physical, spiritual and sciences explaining broken down for a child to understand so called phenomenons that those deemed to be geniuses cannot begin to elaborate. Words cannot express the level of transformation that one has undergone. I grew up through the teachings of the Master. The teachings gave and still give me forever heightening clarity and strive for perfection as a being in the image and likeness of such, it allowed me to think outside of the box and from a different perspective.

It has made me not judgemental and stereotypical but rational. It has made me compassionate, thoughtful, considerate and open minded. It’s like holding an energy beam of light which when coming in touch with others they look in awe breakdown the walls of a stereotype, as curtains are mentioned/grasped/received over time. As they see one has a certain presence but just hard to identify specifically. “It’s so funny how people are soo accustomed to putting you in a box of characteristics and personality or labelling but when the meet you they can’t just put you in solely one.”

The Master Teacher has taught me about self, my nature, who I am. Dr. Malachi Z Kobina York taught me how I can look after and utilise my nature to the best of its capabilities. I learned how to be aware of certain aspects of things around me acknowledging that right and wrong are based on perception. We have right knowledge which leads to right reasoning then leading on to right overstanding (Divine wisdom). You get what you desire because the helping hands you are looking for is at the end of your own arms.

The Master Teacher teaches life, breathes life, is life that sparks many directly or indirectly. And by his divine example paves into the minds of those that have embarked on the journey in which he guides us as a mold to perfect Our beings. Dr. Malachi Z Kobina York teaches love, shows love, and IS Love. And with such regal prominence, I am sure his works are only just beginning as there is so many Jewels that are left to be bestowed upon his spiritual children. I am glad to be Born graced with the opportunity to be a Nuwaupian.

Anuki (I am)

Sheps Nehisi Kem Kem