Dr Malachi York – The Mysterious Man Born To Give Hope

Born as a first-generation immigrant to West African parents in London, my early years were chaotic. My parents faced racism and struggled to find work even though they had left Nigeria with professional qualifications. As a result of working a variety of cleaning jobs for long unsocial hours to pay rent, my siblings and I were fostered in Kent amongst ‘typical’ British families in hopes for us to better integrate. I lost count the number of times I changed foster homes before the age of 8. It was at this age I returned to London for good to be with my family. I spent my early years living with a white Christian family, then reunited home with my own Nigerian Muslim family, growing up in a rough and poverty stricken high rise council estate in London where the majority of my peers were Caribbean, African and Indian immigrants. The next 11 years of my life were filled with many unanswered questions; a recurring theme was who am I really?

By some stroke of fate, I had dodged the crime trap and just about made it to university – my escape from the hood. It was during my first year that I stumbled across some Nuwaupian brothers teaching a class from a book authored by Dr. Malachi York called Our True Roots. It was the nourishment my soul had been seeking. It led me to embark on a journey of learning beyond my wildest dreams. At the time, Dr. York had authored close to 400 books, I simply couldn’t put his books down. When I couldn’t read, I would listen to audio cassettes and CDs or watch videos and DVDs of his lectures. They were all filled with facts, and in turn they filled me with self-esteem and a sense of real worth in the world. I can’t thank Dr. York enough for how he transformed my view of the world and humanity’s role within it. “Don’t believe me, go and check it out” is a famous saying of Dr. York – a passionate teacher and philanthropist, who through his tireless efforts to teach, lecture, and write has birthed a nation of people wise enough verse and teach learned scholars.

Dr. York helped to fill the missing links about African contribution to the world; he furthered my research into ancient civilizations and gave me an overstanding of how religion can breed ignorance and intolerance. Dr. York encouraged students to actually read the holy books and learn the ancient tongues they were revealed in (Hebrew, Arabic and Greek) to gain a clearer insight to their meanings. Dr. York taught on evolution, biology, quantum physics, spirituality and countless other topics. I learned that no one wins the race in racism and that by living for, of and by one another we can build communities, a nation and anything we set our minds to. Dr. Malachi York raised the Nuwaupian Community worldwide to teach and provide a sense of togetherness. I have become a better man, son, father and brother because Dr. York gave me hope and a fertile mind to plant thoughts of love unity and happiness for a better tomorrow.

My story is merely one from thousands. I urge you to please spare a thought for Dr. York, a noble man born to make a positive impact in a troubled world. Show your humanity and stand up against injustice by signing this petition. Free Dr. Malachi York!

Zdahuwty-mus Amun Rayay



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