Dr. Malachi York Taught Me How To Be A Real Man

My name is Reginald Riley. I am 48 years old.  I was first introduced to the teachings of Dr. Malachi York in 1992. After reading my first book written by him, I knew without doubt that he was someone special. I wanted to meet this being who was able to move me to want to be a better person after one book. I found myself at the Tents of Kedar bookstore every Friday, buying books and tapes.

After the exodus to Georgia, l lost my way because I didn’t know anyone personally and couldn’t find any information. I squandered away many years drinking, abusing drugs and poisoning my community. In the early fall of 2001 as I was on my way to do something I shouldn’t have been doing, I walked past two men who were vendors and they were playing a Dr. York CD.

It stopped me in my tracks. I hadn’t heard his voice in over five years and I felt all the information that I had suppressed over the years download in my mind. I told the brothers that I had been looking for them for years. I told them my story and they welcomed me  home.

I stayed there for hours and never completed the mission that I was supposed to do. I forgot all about it.                Hearing the Master Teacher’s (Dr. York’s) voice that day changed my life. I walked away from the negative influences in my life (people,  places and things). Through the teachings of Dr. Malachi York I have been able to do things that I never thought about doing.

I stopped smoking cigarettes and Marijuana cold turkey, stopped getting drunk because he told me to in a vision, joined the masonic lodge. The teachings of Dr. Malachi York taught me how to be a real man, A Nuwaupian Man, a protector and provider for my family. I acknowledge Dr. York as my Spiritual Guide and Father and my Master Teacher to whom I am forever grateful and thankful.