Dear Malachi Z York

Dear Malachi Z York,

I’m writing this letter to let you know how much you’ve changed my life. You’ve changed me is so many ways, when it comes to the way i eat, the way i speak, dress, educated me with right knowledge, right wisdom, which brings right overstanding. You’ve brought me out of religion. Now, I’m in a culture surrounded by positive people who care about each other, depend on each other as one, and respect each other. I feel your love and energy through the tribe. Through all that I’ve seen felt and heard, I know this is where I belong.

Growing up, I knew I was here on earth for a reason, but just couldn’t figure out what for. I would go to church with my grandparents and listen to my grandfather preach about the bible. The stories I heard I had questions about, but when i asked, either they were brushed off or they tried to answer them without making any sense. You could tell that they didn’t overstand it themselves. But because they wanted to be-lie-eve it without any facts, just faith. Me, I needed facts. I needed the truth, but I couldn’t find the answers I longed for.

One day I was at work, and for a short period of time it rained hard. When the rain stopped falling, the clouds dissipated very quickly. As the sun came out, I noticed a rainbow, and as soon as that was happening I looked to my left and two brothers approached me. They were wearing black and gold fezzes and garbs. I,ve never seen other brothers dress liked that before.

I asked who were they. They replied, “They were Nuwaupians” and asked if I ever heard of Malachi York. I replied “no”. We talked for a little while before I had to return back to work. I asked where were they located. They informed me they were located on Georga ave N.W….Cool,  But, before they departed, they left me with a scroll. Looking at bits and pieces of it, I couldn’t wait to get it back home so I could go and read the whole scroll from front to back without skipping a beat.

By the time I finished reading that one scroll,  oh my, I was floored, in tears, by what i’ve just read because it answered the many questions with facts that I needed. The knowledge fed my soul. I felt energized and I needed more. That’s when my transformation began. I started attending classes at the mir on Georga ave. There I met other men and women Nuwaupians. They showed me the many books that Mr. York had authored.

I started getting books to read every chance I got, because the type of knowledge about the stars, planets, other beings, perfecting me, perfecting the human body through meditation, and changing the foods I eat and why, along with tons of other subjects about this planet, “on it and in it”, who my salafu is Nadjaru, tones, and the right language which is the language my ancestors spoke. The list goes on and on. It’s a river of knowledge which can bring  abundance of peace, love, and happiness to a person’s life. I can testify to that.

I can truly say That Malachi Z. York is that great inspiration that brought me from hanging in the streets, smoking drinking, participating in a lifestyle that was killing me. Wu-Nuwaup is my life now and I can’t see other than that. I’m Home!!!!…Yeaaa!!!…I love to put on my gold and black Fez and garbs, and walk in the light so all who has eyes let them see. The vibration from speaking Nuwaupic has its own tone and it feels good in my mind body and soul. The foods I’ve learnt that were good for the body, I enjoy, because there’s a lot about the toxins in the foods these days, it’s sad. So I choose to follow the blueprint outlining Mr. York’s instructions on that, and the many other things he has fulfilled for us his Tribe.

I propagate to family, friends, strangers, because I have witnessed truth. I have to spread the good news to all, because Wu-Nuwaup doesn’t discriminate. It’s just the truth. Some may accept it while others may disregard it and push it away. However, I know what Malachi  Z York, aka “BAA BAA” to me, has done. He has inspired me to push higher on into heights I didn’t know existed. So I get my kids involved in the events and bring them around so that they will learn.

I have a new direction in life, a new outlook on many things. Malachi Z. York is the wind in my sail, I don’t want to imaging what shape my life would have been in, if it wasn’t for him. All I can focus on is where I’m at “NOW”, and what else I can do for him.

Thank you