A Day In History: December 15, 1999

Wednesday, December 15, 1999, was a historic day for many reasons:

The state of Virginia began enforcing a rule ordering state prisoners to cut their hair no longer than their collar and their beards must be shaved or be placed in administrative segregation.  A Rastafarian inmate (Kendall Gibson) serving a 47-year sentence refused to cut his hair and was placed in administrative segregation for over 10 years.

Peace talks between Syria and Israel were reopened in Washington with President Bill Clinton in close mediation.

Islamic immigrants in Algeria were suspected of killing 11 government soldiers and wounding 22 others 148 miles outside of Algiers.

A US-led consortium signed a $4.6 billion deal to build two nuclear reactors in Kumho, North Korea.

And a not so publicly known event occurred in Liberia. President Charles Ghankay Taylor appointed Dr. Malachi Z York to the position of Counsel General to the Republic of Liberia to Atlanta, Georgia United States of America. Why is this important? Because this man was incarcerated May 8, 2002, and is STILL in federal custody to this day!

Why you might ask? The only conclusion that can be made of this fact is corruption! Since his incarceration, more than one court in Africa has confirmed Dr. York’s diplomatic status. The United States has been informed that a Liberian diplomat is incarcerated in their prisons. Yet, Dr. York is still incarcerated.

It must be known that Dr. York is not a citizen of the US. This is a claim the US has made to justify their continued incarceration of Dr. York.  You become a US citizen by birth or naturalization. There is no record of Dr. York’s birth in the US. There is a birth certificate from Ghana bearing the name of Malachi York.

There is no record of Dr. York being naturalized as a US citizen. These are important facts that must be known.

Answers need to be given and Dr. York needs to be free. Someone has to answer to this travesty and miscarriage of justice. To help, you can sign the petition to the right for the government of Liberia to repatriate their citizen and diplomat back to Liberia.