Another Former Inmate Talks About How Inmates Where Treated By Dr. Malachi Z York

A former inmate name Dexter Thomas who was in the same prison as Dr Malachi Z York has gave his account of what he saw and experienced whilst he was an inmate, he was interviewed back in May 26th 2004.
He describes many things about what he saw and noticed about how inmates are treated as well as how he Dexter Thomas himself saw and witnessed unjust and racist treatment towards Dr Malachi Z York, very depressing to hear, watch this Part 1 video of what he describes was going on in the Jones County Jail and how the black inmates where treated differently to the white inmates.
When you hear these kind of things you kind of think to yourself who’s monitoring these prison officers, because you only sometimes become a where of it when people like Dexter Thomas Exposes it.
Also check out another inmate Robert Daniel and his account of how Dr Malachi Z York as been treated and his testimony.

Peace from Owen Anderson.
U.K. England.


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