A’ashuq, Do We Really Have It?


Believing you aren’t part of the problem is the problem.

Thoughts after reading The Master’s Secret, “Divide and Conquer”. And yes I include myself. How many times have you read a book by Pops and he’s talking about things and in your head you’re picturing all the people that he is describing, EXCEPT YOURSELF. Is a’ashuq in your being, or are you being judgmental? The journey within is not all about looking inward to see how beautiful and powerful you are, because along the way you also see how full of crap and messed up you are too, if you are honest with yourself. But that’s ok, because Wu-Nuwaup is our medicine, if we take it. Small doses, small cure, prescribed doses, full cure.

Who has the right to put themselves in the place of Paa Nadjar-u and judge what they think is another person’s intention? Sincere people do exist. But if you yourself are not naturally caring or sincere, would you even recognize it if it was staring you right in the face? If you do not have a’ashuq, how can you see it in others? Are black devils creeping into your head? Whispering in your ear to stir your emotions? Are you the black devil stirring things up? Ask yourself, “if my friend would come to talk to me about so and so, yet that person is unaware, then isn’t my friend deceptive?” This is who you listen to, one who is showing you what they are? Deceptive people have no loyalties. What they do is for them, not you. This is something The Master Teacher has been telling us. This is not a’ashuq and lack of it ultimately hurts him.

A’ashuq is universal, unconditional love. It is the intellectual ability to work together regardless of personal hangups, setting aside insecurities, checking your ego, caring about the welfare of the tribe over your own because you overstand that the good of the whole means the good of the individual. A’ashuq moves us forward, allowing us to be able to work with anyone. Progress is the result of a’ashuq, things get done when all parties involved have the love and care to see beyond their own selfishness and get the work done. A’ashuq is respect. Respect of others, elders, yourself and nature. Do we have that? How has our progress been? Are we moving forward or are we stuck in the past because of grudges and gossip?  How long will we continue to do the same things and expect a different result?

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