Dr. York Speaks To My Soul

I first encountered Dr. Malachi Z.K. York’s literature in 1995 while attending Bowie Senior High School. My first book was “120 Lessons of The Nation of Gods and Earths”. During this time in my life I was picking up books on subjects of race, African Philosophy, and Ancient Civilizations. Digestion of this particular article took a lot of years might I say. One day after school during students bus ride home emcees would freestyle in a cipher. That’s when I met Oliver, Boo-Boo, Drew, and Buck. They had blessed me with a copy of the book authored by Dr.York. I was 15. Reading his information changed my outlook on Organized Religions. He’s a Master Teacher of many languages and can translate Hieroglyphics. 1999 was a year that I would never forget. I physically met Paa Nabab Yaanuwn on “Tama-Re” Egypt Of The West, his Egiptian Theme Park. It was located in Eatonton,Georgia, respectfully Putnam County central Georgia. How else could I describe this experience? No other words but classic. He took time to take a photo with me. Born on June 26th, The Master:Yaanuwn is the author of an undisclosed African Spiritual Science Wu-Nuwap, our cultural way of life. The Ancient Egiptian Deities called Gods in Biblical/Scriptures ancestors of Negroid peoples. Paleontologists and archeologists all agree the oldest bones of humans exist in Africa. Like the famous historical bones of Lucy, or the findings in Uganda Earth’s navel.

Back home in the Wash, D.C. area I would attend Question and Answer class at DC’s All Eyes On Egipt Bookstore. There I purchased various books by Dr.Malachi Z.K. York. My favorite title was “Ancient Egipt and The Pharaohs”. March 8,2001 I was accepted in the A.E.O. better known as The Ancient Egyptian Order. My given name to me by The Master Teacher “Sekhem Asaru Mehduty” meaning The Powerful All-Seeing Eye of Mehduty. Mehduty is a forceful speaker in the Ancient Egiptian Mystery language, Nuwapic. In that same year of 2001, I attended The Djed Ceremonial Festival on Tama-Re Egipt of The West. I had another opportunity to see Paa Nabab Yaanuwn teach on the land, and make my Paa Maguraj to align with our ancestors. I traveled to Tama-Re with sisters and brothers with whom I studied at “All Eyes On Egipt Bookstore” in Wash, D.C. Also I viewed Eagle Rock Mound built by Yamassee Seminole Creek ancestors of Dr.Malachi Z.K.York. Dr. York has much more to give the world and deserves to be released from his unjust confinement.

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