20 Minutes Or 20 Years In Wu-Nuwaup, Does It Matter?

Paa Nabab: Yaa-nanan taught us that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been here (Wu-Nuwaup) for 20 minutes or 20 years. What does he mean? It’s our continuous works for the tribe that matters most. We are all to become teachers. Not just men, not just elders, not just “long timers”, not just Ansaars, not just the youth, all of us.

Every time we read one of Dr. York’s books whether old or new, how do you feel during that time? Energized. Strong. Powerful. Proud of who you are. Unapologetically Nawapian! He gives us the facts about self and kind that were hidden from us. But if we keep them to ourselves, don’t teach it and spread Wu-Nuwaup’s universal natural laws, then how do we effectively heal and help this planet?

Bi Nawaupuyee, our language Nawapic, the word for “Do” as in “one’s deeds, works” is åamul. It is an action verb and can even be conjugated to Taåmul, “action”. We as a whole are to move matter by our actions and works. There is a line in one of our chants, “Paa Nashad” (previously known as “The Anthem”), that states “Paa Pau’ut Åamul, Nakuk Åamul” which means “The All Expanding Does, I Do.” Do you see it differentiate between male, female, new comer or long timer? Does it say you have to have lived on Tama-re or met Dr. York personally? All Expanding, Paa Nadjar-u, the kaleli·makwan are not waiting on us to act, nor does it care about gender or how old or new we are to Wu-Nuwaup.

Whether we step up and do as we should or not, Paa Pau’ut will continue to transform, expand and “Do”. We, as part of All, are taught to be in harmony with nature and our surroundings. Therefore we must also “Åamul” DO. 20 minutes or 20 years…What are we doing NOW? What will we do NEXT? The right knowledge, language and actual facts gifted to us from Paa Nadjar-u by way of Dr. York can help anyone who accepts the facts. Are we as a whole doing all we can to give others that soul saving option?

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