Free Dr. York, A Chance For Change For Us All!

This site is dedicated to the ongoing effort to bring awareness to the unjust case of Dr. Malachi York.  We want the world to know the great works of this magnificent man and let our current President, President Donald Trump,  know that this man has touched and changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.  President Trump, Free Dr. York!

Rev. Dr. Malachi Z K York

Who is Dr. York? Dr. York is a teacher, a scholar, a motivational speaker, a lecturer, a linguist of 19 languages, an author of more than 1,000 books, a retired pastor and an inspiration to a great magnitude of people around the world.  For more than 30 years, he has educated people on many different schools of thought, bringing awareness to the problems that face humanity.  Most noteworthy, he has taught the divine principles of love and expressed that before you can love, you must learn to care.


Dr. York, a 71-year-old man, is suffering from a rare and potentially fatal hereditary condition known as angioedema. Dr. York was convicted in a case that presented no DNA evidence, no video evidence, no audio evidence, nor any forensic evidence. Consequently, Dr. York is currently incarcerated in the Florence Supermax prison and has served 15 years of an outrageous and unprecedented 135-year sentence for the alleged crimes of money structuring and violations of the Mann act.

Sketchy Trial

This was a case of pure hearsay, one in which those who testified against Dr. York repeatedly contradicted themselves from their accounts given to the FBI and what was said during the trial.  His case included alleged victims that testified nothing happened.  This was a case where a separate court proved Dr. York was not guilty of any crime.  This was a case where the lead prosecution witness testified that Dr. York had nothing to do with the alleged crimes.  Most importantly, this was a case where the trial not only proved reasonable doubt but that Dr. York couldn’t have possibly committed the astronomical number of the alleged acts.

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